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We all have that 1 friend that does something dumb when they're drunk (VIDEO)

That's what you get for doing dumb SH** when you are drunk... Hope he is ok after falling down the elevator shaft!
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So "NAKED YOGA" is a thing? This News team can't stop laughing at the poses (VIDEO)

This is pretty hilarious, would you try naked yoga for Valentine's?
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Get A Free Burger At Jack In The Box! Here's How!

  (getty) Jack In The Box is giving away 1 million FREE burgers! Here’s how to get yours… says that Jack in the Box is giving away “free Double Jack...
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DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING! This kid did and his moves were UHHHMAZING (VIDEO)

The worm though
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Husband Loses 70 Pounds To Save Wife's Life (PICS + VIDEO)

When this woman’s kidney functions were destroyed by Lupus, her husband found out that he could save her life – but he had to lose 70 lbs to do it!  Her husband was...
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COOL PARTY TRICK: How to make a cocktail inside a ball of ice (MUST SEE)

Serve your guests a cocktail like they've never had it before. Ice ball cocktails are unique, interactive, and can be made at home without the need for expensive equipment
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KARMA IS A "B WORD"! This "road rager" gets a dose of instant karma (VIDEO)

 Road rage never leads to anything good
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Why is this show making a comeback? Will you be watching it? (VIDEO)

Here is the full trailer for "Fuller House"
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Life as a baby can be confusing when your Dad is a twin (VIDEO)

Stop confusing the babies!!!
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WTF??? I bet you you have never seen anything like this before (VIRAL VIDEO)

His language is NSFW and so are his actions.. LOL
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