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WATCH: Michael Jackson's First Performance of Billie Jean LIVE

Michael Jackson first time singing and dancing to Billie jean live plus a the moonwalk.  
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What's the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi? This kid's laugh make this joke hilarious!

Dad's jokes are all funny when you are 2 years old
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UH OH!!! This construction worker is lucky to be alive after this (VIDEO)

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HACK OF THE DAY! How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe (VIDEO)

UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE!!! I need to try this in real life!
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MIND BLOWN! I had no clue what the end of the chopsticks was used for

  I.... I never knew *collapses onto floor crying* — ValenBort (@bortofdarkness) February 9, 2016
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I LOVE THIS VIDEO! This baby's reaction to a magic trick is perfect!

Baby is amazed by brother's magic trick.
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FAIL OF THE DAY: Pole dancing on LIVE TV? What could go wrong? (VIDEO)

That's going to leave a mark
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We all have that 1 friend that does something dumb when they're drunk (VIDEO)

That's what you get for doing dumb SH** when you are drunk... Hope he is ok after falling down the elevator shaft!
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So "NAKED YOGA" is a thing? This News team can't stop laughing at the poses (VIDEO)

This is pretty hilarious, would you try naked yoga for Valentine's?
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Get A Free Burger At Jack In The Box! Here's How!

  (getty) Jack In The Box is giving away 1 million FREE burgers! Here’s how to get yours… says that Jack in the Box is giving away “free Double Jack...
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