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Students Surprise Teacher With B-Day Celebration

Threw our teacher a surprise party. He doesn't remember the last time he has a bday cake 🎈😊🎉🎁 — Sae (@Saeya8) February 11,...
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Family Feud FAIL Contestant Explains What Exactly Happened

Everyone saw the contestant that went viral and now we know exactly what she was thinking. 
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This Man In Mexico Guarantees To Get People Drunk In 60 Seconds

This looks insane, no wonder he can get people drunk in 1 minute.
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VIDEO: This Dog Has More Rhythym Than All Of Us

This dog is JAMMING!!! If this video made you smile, share it with a friend!!!
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Lost Video of Justin Timberlake Covering 'Poison'

Who doesn't love them some Justin Timberlake...check out his 'Poison' cover which was from a concert in 2013!! Get it JT!! 
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HILARIOUS: What would you do if a stranger tried kissing you in public? (VIDEO)

These reporters weren't ready
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WATCH: 1,400 Employees Being Laid Off

Carrier Air Conditioner is moving production to Monterrey, Mexico putting 1,400 Indianapolis Jobs south of the border in 2017. Talk about a bad day at work.
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This video is awesome! Let's celebrate some amazing women & Their incredible skills!

This video includes everything from skimboarding and cliff diving to wieghtlifting and gymnastics  
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PERFECT VIDEO FOR THE WEEKEND: 5 kinds of Valentine's Day hugs

These dogs are too cute
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Do you need Valentine's Day advice? Chino's kids are here to help (VIDEO)

  We sat Jesse (9), Julian (8) and Jovani (6) down and asked them about their celebrity crushes, how to ask someone out on a date, call or text a date and revealed someone's a...
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