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Christie Was At The Maxim Party For #SB50 (PICS)

This party was crazy... Hot Girls, fast cars, stiff drinks , & football... of course! #maxim #SB50 #nfl #bayarea @981kissfm A video posted by Christie James...
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Dramatic footage of a leopard entering an Indian school

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This Is Your Face on Meth... (PICS)

A new exhibit shows the effects of meth on your face. CLICK HERE  or below to check out more before and after pictures.
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Auditorium Loses Power, Entire Audience Uses Phone To Keep Light

The 48 member vocal enable, 15 piece show band and 10 member show crew is compromised of students in grades 9-12. This outstanding performance took place on February 6th at the Mt. Pleasant...
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Who's The Mom? Pic of Mom & Daughters Has Internet Confused

The video's caption reads, "When your mom thinks it's a picture ... lol #whosthemom?" Doesn't that lady on the left look pretty similar to the lady in the black blazer in the photo?  ...
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Carolina Fan Grabs TV Off Wall And Smashes It After Loss

Sports fans can relate but did the T.V. really have to die... R.I.P
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WARNING: Kids Bounce Houses Causing DEVASTATING Consequences

(getty) After attending a birthday party, Brenda Sanderson’s 10-year-old son started breaking out in a series of very odd sores all over his body. Mrs. Sanderson initially wrote...
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Denver Fan Spends $21,000 On Game Tix, Failed To Tell His Wife

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Meet Draymond Green Today!

Here is your chance to meet one of your favorite players and grab a hot cup of coffee too! Draymond Green to serve Peet's Coffee to fans When Mon Feb 8 Where Peet's Coffee Time 1:30...
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This gets my vote for best big game commercial from Sunday, what's yours? (VIDEO)

      Doritos Ultrasound was hilarious
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