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Chino & Christie in the Morning


Christie was under the influence of laughing gas while reading motivational quotes

That duck face though...   This is what happens when Christie is under the influence of laughing gas while getting a root canal.  She decided to read motivation quotes and it...
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A DJ took traffic sounds of San Francisco's traffic and made a song out if it (VIDEO)

  // Scott Melker - Freedom to Go - Turning Traffic into Music Sometimes, all it takes is a different point of view. The Melker Project hit the streets of the Bay...
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WATCH: Michael Jackson's First Performance of Billie Jean LIVE

Michael Jackson first time singing and dancing to Billie jean live plus a the moonwalk.  
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What's the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi? This kid's laugh make this joke hilarious!

Dad's jokes are all funny when you are 2 years old
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UH OH!!! This construction worker is lucky to be alive after this (VIDEO)

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HACK OF THE DAY! How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe (VIDEO)

UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE!!! I need to try this in real life!
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MIND BLOWN! I had no clue what the end of the chopsticks was used for

  I.... I never knew *collapses onto floor crying* — ValenBort (@bortofdarkness) February 9, 2016
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I LOVE THIS VIDEO! This baby's reaction to a magic trick is perfect!

Baby is amazed by brother's magic trick.
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FAIL OF THE DAY: Pole dancing on LIVE TV? What could go wrong? (VIDEO)

That's going to leave a mark
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We all have that 1 friend that does something dumb when they're drunk (VIDEO)

That's what you get for doing dumb SH** when you are drunk... Hope he is ok after falling down the elevator shaft!
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